How you can support:

We appreciate your interest in getting involved in the cause to provide financial support or sharing ways how to with your network.

Support The Icon Therapy Fund for Black and Brown Men to have access to mental health opportunities. The Icon Therapy Fund relies on the support of humans, foundations, and corporations to impact as many Black and Brown Men’s lives as possible…especially those who need it most. All donations are tax-deductible.

Black and Brown men should be able to access quality therapy sessions without financial strain. With therapy costs ranging from $90 per hour to $250 or more a session, the Icon Therapy Fund goal is to make sure money or access is not a restriction for Black and Brown men who are seeking therapy opportunities.

Large or small or through word of mouth we are excited and grateful for your support. Thank you! #WeGrowTogether!

Thank you for your willingness to support us. We are currently not accepting any donations, but we truly appreciate your generosity.