The Data: Why We Must Work Toward Mental Health Solutions

  • Only 6.6% of Black Men receive mental health services, which is the lowest compared to women and other ethnic groups’ rates.
  • Black Men have the lowest life expectancy of any other group.
  • African American adults are 20% more likely to experience mental health issues than the rest of the population.
  •  Only 3.7% of members in the American Psychiatric Association and 1.5% of members in the American Psychological Association are Black.
  • Hispanics and Latinx individuals only make up 18.3% of the population, and of those about 16% have reported a mental illness within the past year – that’s about 10 million people [which is more than the population of New York City].
  • AAPI individuals make up only 6% of the U.S. population, but of those about 15% have reported a mental illness in the past year. That is over 2.9 million people, which is more than there are dentists, lawyers, and postsecondary teachers in the U.S. combined.
  • Native and Indigenous communities make up only 1.3% of the United States population and of those, about 19% have reported a mental illness in the past year. That is about 827,000 people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness [that’s more than filling up each baseball stadium on the East Coast…twice!].
  • 25% of people with Mixed identities reported having a mental illness.
  • People who identify as two or more races (24.9%) are most likely to report any mental illness within the year than any other racial/ethnic group.
  • Of those with mental illnesses, the uninsured were the ones least likely to get the treatment they needed.


USC – Why Mental Health Care is Stigmatized in Black Communities


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