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The New Keys to: Living, Growth & Success
Date: July 28th & July 29th, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM PDT

The Icon Summit is for Black and Brown men in tech as they share insights on:

The New Keys to: Living, Growth & Success.

About The Icon Summit 

The Icon Summit shares the accomplishments of Black and Brown men in tech while highlighting solutions to mental health, professional development, and leadership opportunities.

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Wednesday and Thursday 

Wednesday, July 28th 

All Times PDT

(9am – 10am)

Welcome – Wayne Sutton
Becoming a Leader Through Meditation, Connection, & Self-Love – Julio Rivera (Solo Talk)
Leadership Lessons that They Don’t Teach You – Josh Ogundu, Sope Agbelusi, & Jeffrey Namnum (Panel)

(10am – 11am)
Identity Within and Identity Without: A Personal Journey Through the Categorization of the Self and the Other – Kallol Das (Solo Talk)
The Importance of Therapy or Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Today’s Work Environment – Jewel Love (Solo Talk)
How It Started / How It’s Going – Orlando Lima (Solo Talk)

(11am – 12pm)
Founders Mental Health Responsibility to Their Team – Harold Hughes, James Norman, & Wayne Sutton (Panel)
The Future of Therapy in Tech – Kevin Dedner, Dr. Jaime Mendoza-Williams, & Wayne Sutton (Panel)

(12pm – 1pm)
The Unintended Costs of Code-Switching  – Aaron Clark (Solo Talk)
The Personal Brand Called You!  – Kevin L. Nichols (Solo Talk)
Finding Therapy and Creating Community in Audio Rooms – James Andrews, Joselin Mane, & Wayne Sutton (Panel)

Thursday, July 29th 

All Times PDT

(9am – 10am)
Welcome – Wayne Sutton
Fireside Chat with Ryan Nece
Redefining Masculinity in 2021 – Don Carter (Solo Talk )

(10am – 11am)
Mindful Entrepreneurship: How to Avoid Burnout as a Founder in Virtual Times – D Sharma (Solo Talk)
The Entrepreneur is the New Modern Athlete – Hajj Flemings (Solo Talk)
First-Generation Latino – Benjamín F. Pérez (Solo Talk)

(11am – 12pm)
How Companies Can Support Your Mental Health – Anthony Ware, Larry Green, & Wayne Sutton (Panel)
The New Work, Life Balance Mindset – Jeremiah Owyang, Johnas Street, & Wayne Sutton (Panel)

(12pm – 1pm)
How to Practice Leadership When It Comes to Career – Matt Dominguez (Solo Talk)
Why Creating Your Own Community Is Essential for the Next Traumatic Experience – Maurice Wilkins, Joey Womack, Phil Dillard, & Wayne Sutton (Panel)

Icon Summit



Icon Summit is a safe and innovative space for Black and Brown men across every religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, visible and invisible disability, and age, as well as veterans and people who have been incarcerated. Our Code of Conduct is vital to creating this safe space and all participants at our event have a role in making sure it is upheld and enforced.

We work hard to make our events accessible to everyone – the venue is wheelchair accessible; we’ll have all-gender/all-people restrooms; we’ll have seats up front reserved for wheelchairs, people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and/or visually impaired; we’ll have live CART captioning at the stage. If you need an ASL interpreter, volunteer guide, prayer room or have other accessibility needs we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Registration is free but you must complete an application. This does not guarantee your entry to Icon Summit. Attendees will receive an email confirmation. 

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Code of Conduct It is very important to us that everyone attending the conference feels safe and respected. Will be strictly enforcing our Code of Conduct at all Icon Summits. Please read it here.

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