Advisor Roles

Our Mission

The Icon Project mission is to address Black and Brown Men’s mental health and professional development needs in Tech.

Our Vision

The Icon Project Vision is for every Black and Brown man to have access to mental health services and professional development opportunities to achieve their life goals.

What does an Icon Project Advisor do?

  • Align with the Icon Project Mission and Vision
  • Provide feedback on the Icon Fellows Program
  • Be willing to share about the Icon Project with your community
  • Be willing to recommend partners or donors for the Icon Project
  • Be willing to suggest/recommend fellow programs candidates
  • Join quarterly meetings and advisor Slack group

Benefits of being an Icon Project Advisor

  • By supporting the Icon Project you are supporting a movement that will have a positive impact on human lives.
  • You are supporting a 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • Recognition for supporting an organization doing good in the world.
  • Listed on the Icon Project About page as an advisor.